October 10, 2003
Bad Bad Good

I want to take the train to the country and go cycling with Barney tomorrow, but have just been thoroughly irritated by the Sustrans website. It's routefinder is useless for any normal use, since the maps scale and centre with no reference to the cycle route itself. One of those sites that promises much, but just isn't useful enough in real life.

Sustrans is a great concept , but as a charity I can't understand why they don't allow you to download all their guides as PDFs. I can't believe they make much money on them, and their sub-standard website has just persuaded me to plan my own route on streetmap.

Though even the saintly streetmap has started to bug me since they bloated their homepage with slow to render sinful iframes 'featuring' ebookers and the like.

That said, you can still avoid iframehell if start from this page instead.

Am not totally grumped out though. The latest version of the Ofsted website is damn fine for a .gov.uk Someone should tell the site owner to give up learning photoshop, however, cos this and this deface what is otherwise a quite wondrously clean site.

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