November 21, 2003
Moving to OS X finally

Here we go. Making the big move to OS X Panther at home.

Last night I installed the basic build with few problems other than the off disk mounting (eek) and got the ADSL to work, which was nice. BT Openworld support people were useful, even at 12.15am.

It feels fast. It'll let Jo print direct to PDF, it does away with ATM and best of all it doesn't frigging well crash all the time.

Scanner is now useless cos of lack of drivers, but given it cost 20quid in the first place I don't feel to bitter.

As Cronin The Mercurial says, scanners are now like printers, in that you might as well buy the cheapest one you can find cos they're all bloddy brilliant for the vast majority of users.

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