September 29, 2004
Slicing & Dicing Parliament using RSS & Bloglines

I'd forgotten I'd made this a few months ago.

It's a Bloglines aggregation of the MP RSS feeds for all members of the Parliamentary Committee for Culture, Media & Sport.

I like it, partly cos I made it, but partly cos it shows how easy it is to create new slices through Hansard - views on the democratic process which are simply impossible using the official version of Hansard. I also like it because it took me about 5 minutes to set up, and costs nothing. Previously only lobbyists with deep pockets could get hold of this slice of data. Now it's all yours, for free.

It's fun seeing how many of them contributed to the recent Oral Questions (aka a mini-debate) on the BBC Charter.

I must remember to tell people about the newish index Phil made containing links to the page of each and every MP.

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