December 18, 2002
Creative Commons Explained

So, Azeem's been going on about his idea for an 'open' BBC Public License (or BPL for short) for a while now.

Safe to say, it's sparked debate - but only amongst those who *already* understand why IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) lie right at the heart of the future of interactive media.

For example, what does Azeem really mean by 'open'? Copyright free? Eh? Isn't that all terribly legalistical and scarilogical?

Nope. It's dead simple, really. Courtesy of Danny comes the news that those clever people at Creative Commons have just issued a rather fine Flash animation (1.1Mb) which explains better than I'll ever manage the potential of enabling rights holders to indicate that they don't mind some reuse & rehashing of their original material.

I've added a 'cc' license to my oh-so-widely-read blog (see bottom right).

As if I couldn't...

Posted by tomski at December 18, 2002 12:36 AM
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