June 08, 2003
In 1983 my mum bought us a BBC Model B

I remember playing Kingdom with the family in the lounge. I was 12.

My mum and dad wrote loads of cheesy but fab games-cum-tests to help my mum's kids learn french. I remember a particularly fine one whereby you had to shoot nouns with either a red of blue missile depending upon whether they were male or female.

I did write some code. Something that drew graphs of air rifle pellet deflection depending upon aforementioned pellet's drag coefficient. I remember a great little trick to grab control of the 'break' key (but not ctrl break) and thus scare teachers by seemingly taking control of the BBC Micro's at school.

But mostly I played games. Lots. And lots. And lots.

Great games like these. Even now, those Acornsoft box designs make me jump. Revs. By christ I got good at Revs...

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