November 15, 2004
Power of Nightmares- Beyond The Broadcast

The final episode of Adam Curtis' thought-provoking series 'Power of Nightmares' was broadcast on BBC2 ten days ago.

In broadcast terms, the series is now history. You might see it return on BBC4 in a few months' time, late night, to fill the schedule. But for most of us, it's been and gone. Dead. If you missed it, tough.

Well. Not quite. Must-see TV now lives on well beyond the broadcast on the internet, regardless of whether the people making the show want it to or not.

A week ago, the three episodes of Power of Nightmares were in the top 10 most downloaded BitTorrent files for UK users. (BitTorrent is a peer to peer technology popular amongst those who download TV via the internet)

Even PopBitch, a celeb gossip email newsletter, got in on the act, encouraging its 250,000 recipients to download episodes 2 &3, and supplying the all-important links to the files.

Today I came across word for word transcripts of all three episodes. Hosted on a belgian website.

How do I think the makers feel about a show made with public service intent having a life on the net well beyond the broadcast window?

Pretty darn happy, I would hope. The internet is a wondrous medium for TV & Radio shows made with a public spirit, rather than a profit motive.

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