March 08, 2003
Repetitive Mistake Syndrome

Must-read insights on the net by Doc Searls and David Weinberger.

I particularly like this bit...

5. All the Internet's value grows on its edges.
If the Internet were a smart network, its designers would have anticipated the importance of a good search engine and would have built searching into the network itself. But because its designers were smart, they made the Net too stupid for that. So searching is a service that can be built at one of the million ends of the Internet. Because people can offer any services they want from their end, search engines have competed, which means choice for users and astounding innovation.

Search engines are just an example. Because all the Internet does is throw bits from one end to another, innovators can build whatever they can imagine, counting on the Internet to move data for them. You donít have to get permission from the Internetís owner or systems administrator or the Vice President of Service Prioritization. You have an idea? Do it. And every time you do, the value of the Internet goes up.

The Internet has created a free market for innovation. Thatís the key to the Internet's value. By the same token...

Couldn't put it better meself.

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