February 19, 2004
BBC looking for scary future folk

Auntie needs you to give her some shock treatment...

Are new technologies changing the way you consume traditional media?

The BBC are looking for members of the public to attend sessions with BBC management, discussing the impact of new technologies on viewing / listening behaviour. The questions will be stimulated by a 10 minute film which features several people who are perhaps unusual in their media consumption today, but possibly represent the mainstream in a decade’s time.

We need respondents that are at the forefront of technology behaving in a way that is currently niche. The four key technologies concerned are:

  • Computer and video games
  • Peer to peer file sharing of television programmes
  • Time shifting of broadcast TV by recording it to a hard drive
  • Self publishing of original content on the internet

If you do any of the above on a regular basis, you are probably suitable for discussion session. Please download and then fill out the this questionnaire (MS Word 36k) [OK, OK, Danny, here it is as a .rtf - it's friday night & I can't be arsed to repurpose it into any other Politically Correct formats... even though I am most enamoured with this little tool.]

email it back to shazia.mustafa@bbc.co.uk

Also please pass this info on to anyone you know who might be interested/fulfill the above criteria

Availability: one or more afternoons during March 8-12 2004 (inc),
Times: 1330-1600
Venue: London, EC3 (near Tower Bridge)
Participants receive £50 cash

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