March 18, 2004
MySociety Funding

The mySociety project has just been awarded a decent slug of funding.

mySociety is delighted to announce that we are being awarded £250,000 by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), in response to a bid we made partnership with West Sussex County Council just before Christmas. The funding is part of something called the
e-innovations fund, a pot of government cash set aside to stimulate useful and innovative new online projects - in otherwords exactly the type of thing mySociety was set up to build.
Funnily enough, this makes me very, very happy. Much respect to Tom S and Brax.

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March 03, 2004
"We're never going to mix church and state again"

Ask Jeeves just announced it was suspending its paid-inclusion service which gave those willing to pay preferential access to its search indexes and hence search results.

Church and state don't mix when it comes to a utility such as web search... yellow pages is yellow pages; the phone book is the phone book...

Posted by tomski at 06:06 PM
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