April 12, 2004
Tide Atlas for Harwich

I'm planning of doing some proper coastal dinghy sailing over the summer, and have found a couple of fine interactive sailing resources from the Harwich Haven Authority.

1) An interactive tide atlas (also available as a pdf)

2) A zoomable yachting guide

Worthwhile Flash, from an unlikely source.

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April 08, 2004
Picking Your Copyright Shifts

I've received two emails in the past 12 hours which have filled me with gentle optimism about changes in attitude towards copyright:

- First off, the ever-wondrous Dan Hill emailed a few people last night to tip us off that the BBC would be making free-to-copy audio files of the 2004 Reith Lectures available for download as mp3 files. Doubtless others will cover this in greater depth, but suffice it to say that from small Acorns...

- Secondly, as an enthusiastic Laser sailor (albeit a truly terrible one), I've been avidly following the RYA's web coverage of Laser class Olympic Trial.

The RYA's coverage of the racing is minimal, and text only, and yet it's still gripping for the likes of me. I emailed the RYA to congratulate them, and to request that they put up a few more pictures on the website. They did better than that; they forwarded my email to sailing photographer Peter Bentley who promptly sent me the following reply:


Sacha from the RYA advises me you would like some pictures. Here you are. They are copyright free so use them as you wish.

All I ask in return is that we get live test match cricket back on Radio!


Peter is a damn fine sailing photographer, as these pictures of the seemingly fully-restored Paul Goodison amply confirm. Sadly, I'm not sure I can do much about the cricket...



Yet more pics here, here and here.

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April 02, 2004
Note to self: Go see Paul Murphy's Exhibition

The deeply fab Paul Murphy has spent much of the past year painting 150 images of a children's Burger King model of APU, the Asian shopowner from The Simpson's.

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