October 30, 2002
New Garden = Happy Little People

Rather fab, innit.

More piccies here

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Banking Browsers

Useful list of which bank sites around the word support which linux browsers. Not that I use linux, but as a baseline, it's tops...

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Keep It Crunchy

Found it. Nico Colchester's classic Economist leader from 1988 on keeping it crunchy

The Mars Bar Currency article from 1981 is fab too... much copied since but Big Mac indexes etc.

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October 02, 2002
Google Maps

Google has started to link to maps - at least for some places in the US.

They link to Yahoo! Maps and Mapquest. I wonder if Yahoo and Mapquest pay for these?

Nothing doing for places in the UK yet, but I love the idea of second guessing what people are searching for and just givin 'em the answer they're after (Matt Jones' Answer Engine).

So if I search for 'weather in london', I get the 5 day weather forecast toot sweet, rather than a link to weather.com

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Community Ramblings

There's interview with me about BBCicommunities in Online Community Report.

Nothing much new... much more insightful is Clay Shirky's speech to the whole of BBC New Media back in July... good stuff...

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