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Quechup all over face

Apologies to those of you who received spammed invites "from" me due to Quechup, the evil so-called social network.

On Monday I received an invitation to sign up to Quechup from someone whose instincts I (normally!) trust. I duly signed up to the so-called service to check it out. Foolish. I remember commenting on how hideous and pointless it looked at the time, and duly forgot about it until this morning...

...when it spammed all my contacts with an invite claiming to be from yours truly. Nice.

Please just ignore these emails, and accept my apologies for being foolish enough to sign up to it. Quechup is rotten - a form of social network virus.

Update: And then, to add insult to injury, I send my apology email with everyone's addresses in the to: field. Some days you regret getting out of bed.


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